Jacob Fain

22-10-2017, 18:15

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Love hearing of all the insight that was behind so many great artists and labels. Thanks for having great interviews with good content to share! Really enjoyed reading about how Sun Records came to be and a look at it's past.

Adam Bosco

19-10-2017, 21:30

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So cool to hear about the label that produced so many amazing artists. We can see the start of the music business as we know it today from looking back at the Phillips' journey to create and share good music. Great interview!

Dann Rogers

02-10-2017, 17:34

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Awesome interview. Brought back so many memories. I actually worked for Shelby Singleton when he acquired the interest in Sun Records. He and my dad were partners in a record label. I worked in the mailroom.
Great interview guys!!!



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