Artist:  Bobby Mackey
Title:    America's Honky Tonk
Label: Shaunita Records
Artist:  Maggie Rodgers
Title:    Burning
Label:  Capital Records
Artist:  Rival Sons
Title :   Too Bad
Label:  Atlantic Records
Artist:   Jay Elle
Title :    Ease Up
Label:   Star 1 Records
Artist:   Steve Perry
Title :    We're Still Here
Label:   Fantasy Records
Artist: Chris Brandon
Title:    Smile Smile
Label:  7music/7us
Artist:  Garth Brooks & Blake Shelton
Title:    Dive Bar (Live)
Label:   ‚ÄéCapitol Records
Artist:  Willie Nelson
Title:    Last Man Standing
Label:  Legacy Recordings
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Artist:   Deborah Berg
Title:     Muddy Weather
Label:   Star 1 Records
Artist:  Tony Watson
Title:    Footsteps
Label:  Star 1 Records
Artist:  Glen Cain
Title:    Born to Ramble
Label:  Independent
Artist: Electric Peace
Title:   Kill For Your Love
Label: Barred Records